How to Sermon Sketchnote Part 4

Sketchnote Part 4

Some times thoughts pop into your head that require a quick note. Instead of writing out these notes, its good to develop a short hand or a legend to help you get those notes down quickly so you can keep your attention on the message. Developing a legend will help you keep up with the sermon without having to write long notes. You can begin thinking about symbols you might use, but really this list of symbols will develop over time. You might want to save the last page you of your sketchbook for your legend. You can start with a few things and then add to the list as you run across more things that help you capture an idea quickly. In looking back over my notes, the ones I use more frequently are symbols for a book or move, a symbol for a verse I want to memorize, and check mark for something I need to do. Overtime you will develop your own symbols. You might not get the image right the first time or two but a little thought will help you hone your legend and pretty soon you won’t miss a beat when you need to note something.
Here’s a list of a few things you might consider adapting to your legend. I’d love it if you’d leave a comment about items and symbols in your legend.
Sketchnote Legend
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