Grati-Tuesday @#14



Psalm 147:4-5
He determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name.
Great is our Lord and mighty in power;
    his understanding has no limit.
Last night I was going to go a whole different direction with this post, but this morning I woke up to find that mother had fallen and was in the hospital. So I am thankful that the God of the Universe who created and named all the stars is interested in my little life and that He cares to take care of the ones around me. I am thankful that the ambulance responded quickly and that she’s getting great care and that although painful, it was not permanent damage. She’ll be dancing again in no time.
Also you might notice a different look in the letters. I have never been very good at hand lettering and have decided to be on a mission to improve. So daily I am practicing calligraphy and using a brush pen. I have decided to practice the verses on my weekly grati-TUESDAY posts. I know I’m not ready for prime time, but practice makes perfect. So please bare with me, and hopefully I will improve over time and share tips as I learn.


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