Sermon Sketchnote Series Part 3 – The Materials Post

Sermon Sketchnote Part 3


For the third part of our series, we need to examine our choices for the materials we need to sketchnote.
For the most basic level, all you need is a pencil and paper, but I would encourage you to be more choosy.
I hope your journey in sermon sketchnoting is to take a step closer to God and hearing what He has to say to you.
Creating a sketchbook where you will go back and review is an opportunity to be blessed multiple times over in the future.
When choosing a sketchbook consider the following:
 – The thickness of the paper. I would encourage you to choose something over 60 lb paper.
 – Size: Most sketchnoter I know like the half size sketchbook. It’s easy to use on your lap and easy to carry around.
 –  The binding. Bound books are great, just make sure you can open then up flat. I am currently using a spiral bound book so oI can open it it up to use the whole   page. However the downside of spirals is that the spirals can get bent or twisted.
Some popular choices of sketchbooks are:
Leuchtturm1917 journal
FlexiSketch journals
Strathmore Sketchbooks
Please let a post and tell us what you are currently using.
writing materails
Writing Utensils
Choose a black permanent marker and maybe a highlighter
If you want to carry several markers you might consider
a thin link .01 to .03
a thick line .08
and a brush pen for lettering
Some options you might consider:
Le Pen
Pigma  Micron Series
Prisma Pens
Vision Elite Uniball bold
Tombrow brush markers
Koi Coloring brush pen
Colored markers – Make sure they do not bleed through the page.
Since I am using a brown sketchbook right now, I am also carrying white chalk pencils to high light.
What are some of your favorite tools?
And Finally, I have a sermon sketchnote bag, that has all the tools I need so I am ready to go at a moments notice. I don’t want to be late on Sunday looking around for my sketchbook and pens, so my go bag is always ready to go.
the bag
This is what’s in my go bag:  My sketchbook, black permanent pens, a brush pen (not pictured, oops) white chalk pencils, a regular pencil,eraser and sharpener. Colored markers, just in case and post it notes, mints, kleenex, glasses and a snack bar, just in case I missed breakfast. I also have a large heavy piece of cardboard if  I need more support on my lap.
bag contents
Here are the links to the previous posts in this series:
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Till next time!


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