Grati-Tuesday #12


Jer 33: 3  Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
Are you feeling Lucky?
With everyone celebrating St. Patrick’s day this month, I was thinking about  “Luck” and that I really don’t believe in Luck. I think there are no coincidences  I think the Lord is in control of everything. Last week I ran into an old friend at Kohls. We were both trying to find something to spend our Kohl’s cash on before they expired. I bought a new towel by the way. I think we were meant to connect.
The prompt: Write about a time when you saw God’s hand in the situation when the world might call it luck.
So this gratitude is about being so thankful that my youngest son is tuned into hearing that “still small voice”. He is an electrical engineer and he was getting ready to turn on a box with lots of volts and motors and wires. He said he was not sure what stopped him, but he felt a check in his spirit and decided to check the writing before hitting the on button. It turns out the box was wired wrong and bad things would have happened if he would have just flipped the switch. So I am eternally grateful that the Lord warned him and that he listened to that “still small voice.”
Am I feeling lucky? No just grateful.
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