Sermon Sketchnoting Part 2

SS note series2


Hopefully you tuned in for last week’s post that was the introduction to this series on Sketchnoting. if you missed it you, can get it here.
There’s a bit of prep that can help your sketchnotes go smoother, but as it will take me a few weeks to discuss these things, I want to encourage you to just start this week. Here’s the fast list of what you need: a sketchbook and a pen or pencil and maybe an eraser. That’s the basics. There are other choices, but we’ll get to those later. Today I wanted to give you the 10,000 foot over view and show you where we’re going. Below is  a sketchnote where I have highlighted various aspects that you might want to incorporate into your sketchnotes over time.
So this week end as you take notes, try to doodle in the margins or instead of writing the word, draw the object instead – heart, light world…. If you don’ t know how to draw  the image, just write the word in pencil. You can practice at home and draw it in later. Take a look at the sketchnote below and give it a try this week end. Be bold and give sketchnoting a try. You’ll improve over time, but you won’t improve if you don’t start.
Next week we’ll talk about the materials you might want to have.

The Anatomy of a Sermon Sketchnote:

Anatomy of a Sketch note


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