Grati-TUESDAY – Week 1

#1 Grati-Tuesday


#1 Grati-Tuesday

 What are  your plans for 2017? Research shows that people who write their goals down are more likely to accomplish their goals. The act of writing them down creates an accountability for you. Your goals don’t need to be earth-shattering, but just something you want to accomplish. Take some time to pray about them because Proverbs 16:3 tells us  Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. So write down at least three things you want to accomplish this year and pray Prov 16:3 over them. And be thankful that we serve a God who is interested in every detail of our lives and wants us to utilize our talents to the fullest and succeed in our endeavors. I’ll post more about my goals on Friday. But here is my doodled week one printable and prayer card.
Notice on the printable there’s a dotted line down the middle of the verse area. This is the guide to help center the text. I tried to keep my letters very plan and basic. You can always a little flourish to  your y’s and g’s.
Get your grati-TUESDAY printable here.





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