Calendar Doodle Tutorial

This year I hope to help everyone become a better doodler and show you how to do some of the patterns and help you create patterns of your own and  then variations on those patterns. Here’s my doodled January 2017 calendar in black and white.  If you would like to get the printable you can get it here: 



This might look a bit intimidating with all the different patterns, so here’s my pattern guide I used to select the patterns for this post. You can see how I used several different patterns with varying weights from light to bold. I also used a limited color palette of red yellow and blue which are the primary colors. It seemed to me that Knowing the the Lord is foundational so using foundational colors seemed appropriate. I drew a couple of patterns in steps so you can see how they were developed.




Here’s the end result:



I think the limited colors make them stand out and also makes a good contrast with all the black and white doodle patterns in the ribbons in the back ground. I used two tones of the red, yellow and blue. I used the lighter color for the box and then the darker color to add a depth around the edges. I did not want to call attention to the book, weights and money bag so I did these in grey. I then colored the land in the earth a light green so it would not compete with the main color palette. I would love to see some of your colored calendar pages.

I’ll post February’s calendar around the 25th so  you have time to doodle and color it before February 1st.

Come back on Friday for a template to write down your goals for 2017.






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