Count Your Blessings Day 6


What things do you take for granted? We are so used to our creature comforts that we take them for granted. Personally I hate the cold and the Lord reminded me that I take my warm house for granted. So in the winter months I purpose to say thank you for my warm house when I come in from the cold. We are so used to electricity and the internet what would we do if we did not have easy access to either? A friend  went to Brazil for 6 months. She was several miles away from a large city, but not in a remote part of the jungle. On average they got electricity for about 6 hours in the evening. And all in all she goes used to it, and found the experience of working at a missionary school was such a blessing in her life, the electricity was just a gnat.

Take some extra time today to be thankful for the things on your list.

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3 responses to “Count Your Blessings Day 6”

  1. Hi Marsha~I can’t find the link to Day 6. Can you help? Thanks~we’re enjoying this!

    1. I just realized I didn’t add it, it’s there now. Sorry.

      1. Oh no worries! You’re a blessing to provide these~Have a great day!

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