Count Your Blessings Day 3

Where you live

It’s Day 3, so let’s think about where you live. What are you thankful about your home or where you live? I love my house and the fact that I live within 10 miles of family. I feel so blessed to have our home. It’s not the house I originally wanted, but I can see that it’s the house that the Lord chose for us. It was a crazy time in our life, with a birth and a death. I had my heart set on the other house; but the contract fell through and with a baby due in 6 weeks we had limited options. I see that this is the house that the Lord had for us. I have tried to live 1st Peter 4:9 and cheerfully share my home with one another. I tried to make our home a refuge for kids to come when life in their home is tumultuous. They know there was always something in the fridge. What’s special about your living circumstances? Has God blessed you to meet your needs? Are you close to loved ones? Or work? Journal about how you can bless others with where you live?

Just a week or so ago a friend called to say that one of the international students was unexpectedly in town and could we have lunch here tomorrow? HERE? Like Tomorrow? Oh well, why not? It was a fun time. I love being able to serve others and hope we blessed this student who got to see lots of old friends.

I used markers on this page so I used cross-hatching to create shades on the roof for more interest.

Here’s the printable: cyb-3

You can find previous printables here.

See you tomorrow!



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