The Gratitude Challenge Starts today!



Come do this 30 day-100 gratitudes challenge with me!

Every Thanksgiving we are encouraged to reflect on all our blessings. To that end one activity is to write down 100 things you’re thankful for. I am always excited to start, but I get about 35 things on my list and then put the list down and never finish it. This year, I thought I’d take a different approach and take a more guided approach to writing my 100 gratitudes. So this November I am going to challenge everyone to join me completing our 100 Gratitudes together. I have created a 30 day guided gratitude journal that focuses on a topic a day. If you can keep up with the journal for the month of November, you‘ll have your 100 gratitudes on November 30th.

And of course since you know me, the Gratitude challenge comes with lots of doodling and just a little writing. The gratitude challenge journal is called Count Your Blessings.  Everyday I will post a printable page from Count Your Blessings. I’ve designed the printable to print two copies. You can do the challenge with a loved one so you can both be grateful together.

Also I will be doing two give-aways. I will give away my Abundantly Blessed 52 week gratitude journal mid-ish month and then give away all three of my books on November 30. To participate in the give way you can:

  1. Comment on a blog post in November
  2. Post a page of your journal on Instgram using the hashtag #blessinks100gratitudes
  3. Share on Facebook, Journaling for Non-artist FB group
  4. Pinterest using the hashtag #blessinks100gratitudes
  5. Join my mailing list – you can sign up at If you’re on the mailing list, you’re automatically entered.


Materials needed

  • To complete the gratitude challenge you will need:
  • 32 sheets of 5 x 11 standard blank paper, preferably index (65 lb paper) or card stock (110 lb paper)
  • 1 sheet of ¼” cardboard (sometimes called chip board)
  • Paper punch
  • Ribbon to bind the books
  • Permanent black pen
  • Colored pencils, markers, or gelatos, water colors….



Today I am posting the cover sheet – here’s the printable for the cover: count-your-blessings-title-page

Tomorrow – October 31st, I will post the doodled by printable.

Beginning November 1 through November 30th I will post a printable journal page for you to doodle and record your gratitude. Subscribers to my email newsletter will get a hint about tomrrow’s gratitude challenge a day early, so be sure to subscribe!

The journal is designed to be printed on right side of the booklet. Therefore the back of the page will be blank. This is to allow you write longer posts, write down more gratitdues or just doodle more. To this end it might be helpful to have a grid printed on the back of the sheets. Here’s a dot grid pattern that I designed. You might want to pre-print the dot grid (dot-grid-letter) on the back of the 32 pages in your journal. Then when you print your daily pages the back will be ready for your doodles or longer journal posts or more gratitudes!

Keep your completed pages in an envelope or folder. I’ll post binding instructions towards the end of the month.



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