Where do I get my ideas?



Where do I get my inspiration?

Do you get frustrated when you’re trying to create something and you can’t  think of any pattern to use to fill in? The secret is to create a library of anything and everything that you think is interesting. I never leave home without something to sketch in. Mostly I carry my Moleskin soft cover journal. Here an example of a doodle page. My brother in law had a rare blood disease which the Lord healed him two weeks before his bone marrow transplant. Praise the Lord. As a result he comes to St. Louis frequently for continued check ups. Here’s a page from things that caught my attention in the magazines I was looking for while his appointment. Some of these things I added to my doodle image library. Start your library today. I’ll share more about my doodle library in later posts. 



In the meantime, start you’re doodle library so you’re ready to take the November Gratitude Challenge starting next week. It’s a 30 day guided gratitude challenge where you’ll write your 100 gratitudes by the end of November. There will be a printable a day. Sharpen your colored pencils and let’s do this together!



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