Daybreak 2016 – Love Wins Sketchnote from talks from Margaret Feinberg



I won’t write a long blog posts since there’s a lot to take in in this sketchnote. These are my notes from Margaret Feinberg’s talks at Daybreak last week at Harvester Christian. She was awesome and inspirational. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak – don’t miss it. I loved the part about looking for the Joy Bombs that God drops all over your life – we just have to open our eyes and see His abundant blessings in our lives. Daybreak is a fabulous conference that is so worth the time. Make plans to attend next year!


2 responses to “Daybreak 2016 – Love Wins Sketchnote from talks from Margaret Feinberg”

  1. Lalalove this! So colorful and creative! Simply beautiful. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for all you do. It was a great conference.

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