An Unexpected Letter

Women's Awesome Biking Adventure Michigan
Women’s Awesome Biking Adventure Michigan
Sometimes I get a really fun project and this assignment was to create a scarf/bandanna for the Women’s Awesome Biking Adventure- Michigan (WABAM) which is going on this week. Seven women are riding some great trails along the coast in Northern Michigan. Six of these great gals are pictured above.
I thought it would be fun to bring in some elements of their ride making the outside of the circle a bike tire and then add a map of their route. I then found out that a main crop in Northern Michigan is cherries. Travers City has a big Cherry Festival every year. I incorporated some cherries to add a little local flair. I put it on a light blue polka dot background and now each of the 7 riders has a fun bandanna for the ride. I designed this in Adobe Illustrator.
I was curious about the letter I got in the mail today as I did not recognize the return address. It turn out those great ladies took time to drop me a thank you note during their ride. It was a delightful surprise. I can’t wait for their next biking adventure to see where they go, and hope I get to design another scarf for them!


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