Doodle Devo Friday Gratitude 1 Thes 5:18

Gratitude 1Th 5 18


Worked with borders to doodle around the verse 1 Thes. 5:18.

How’s your gratitude journal coming along? I will be posting more pics from my journal starting next week. I am finding that I am so much more aware of the little blessings. Last week I was touched by the kindness of strangers. I forgot to put the trash out and rush to take out the can when I heard the truck. Since we’re the second house on the street, I didn’t have a lot of time. The driver asked me where the other can was and he got out of the truck and helped me get the other can. He didn’t have to do to that, but I was totally blessed. So kudos to Waste Management for their awesome drivers. I don’t think I would have given his kindness a second thought before I started gratitude journaling.

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I’d love to know how your gratitude journaling is impacting your life.


My technique:

  1. I lightly sketched the letters and the doodle pattern in pencil
  2. I taped down my sheet (index stock, #110 lb) with frog tape
  3. then I used water color to create the background colors
  4.  I then used my ink spray bottles  – to just spritz a little more color and texture .(see below)
  5. Waited an hour or so to make sure it was totally dry.
  6. I colored in the letters with water color pencil and marker
  7. I used Pigma permanent ink pens to doodle the border.
  8. Lastly I erased all my pencil marks.
    ink bottles
    ink bottles

    I would like to find smaller spray bottles. I added several drops of ink and some water. You don’t need to fill the bottles up, this will last a really long time and you won’t waste ink. I use acrylic ink. I  like the Liquitex because of the vibrant colors.


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