Doodle Devo Friday – Sermon Sketchnoting at the Homeschool Expo!

14 12 7 Loving God


For the month of March I am going to share some of my Sermon Sketchnotes.

Adding a visual element to your sermon notes or to  note taking during quite times will really enhance your studies. It will help you remember what’s being said and it will help your recall. You can learn how to Sermon Sketchnote  with my handbook. Here are a few pages so you can take a peek. The book is on sale through the end of March for $9.00.

sermon sketchnote cover1


Here are some sample pages from Sermon Sketchnotes:





I will also be doing a workshop at the Greater St. Louis Homeschool Expo on March 20 at 12:30. The expo runs from Thursday March 19 to Saturday, March 21. I hope to see you there! You can get more information about the expo here:


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