Doodle Devo Friday Zephaniah 3:17 and the Doodle Love boxes are back!

Zeph 3 17

To be honest I am still working on some of the pages in my Doodle Devotional: Loved. This week I finished Zephaniah 3:17 – The Lord rejoices over you with great gladness. This verse is such a great comfort to me knowing that I bring joy to the Father with the things I do and the potential that I have. This was hard for me to get my head around trying to understand how the Creator of the universe could be interested in me! He takes great joy and delight in me. I pray that my actions be pleasing in His sight.

Memorize this verse and next time you have a down day, speak this verse out loud 10 times and see if you’re still feeling down!

Color technique: I kept the background the same and I used a busy pattern so the eye focuses in on the cupcake. I then used a single color to make a pattern in the oval with the verse.

I used colored ink pens on this page.


In case you missed the Doodle Love boxes, here’s the PDF so you can print and color them for your valentines next week.

You can fill them with anything. Last year I  filled my boxes with Oreo truffles click here  for the recipe. Here’s the printable: triangle box

Free Printable from Blessinks
Free Printable from Blessinks




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  1. These are great; we can’t wait to get started!

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