Doodle Devo Friday – Eternal

Eternal wm

Here’s a page from my 2015 Doodle Devo Calendar: Known the study of God’s Character. I love that God is Eternal and that if we choose Him we will spend eternity with Him. He loves us eternally. I love this verse (Isaiah 40:8) The grass may wither and the flowers fall, but the Word of the Lord endures forever. We can always depend on His Word and the truth that is everlasting.


I love the Dahlia quilt pattern and thought it would be a great design to use for this verse. It has lots of spaces that are begging for a lovely pattern. I limited my color palette to Teal, green, pink purple, black and yellow. I used Colored ink pens and in several places used multiple colors to create more depth. For example in the outer most ring of purple, you can see that I went back over the box in blue to create a deeper color.

You can also see two boo-boos in the green ring. Twice when I colored the black dots, I moved to the “green row” up and not diagonally. I corrected my error with a white correction pen. When looking at it on the wall, you really can’t tell, but the scanner sure picked up the errors.

Can’t wait to see yours. Remember free shipping in the Blessinks Store through October 31st using the coupon code EPH320. (my life verse – what’s yours?)





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