Doodle Devo Friday – A Review

Jer 31 3

Today’s Doodle Devo is from Loved. I finished Jeremiah 31:3. I love this doodle. The Lord gave me this idea to make His declaration of love for me like an old fashioned Victorian Valentine’s Card. I get overwhelmed when I think about how much He loves me.

I am very honored to be featured in today’s post at A Homeschool Mom Blog. Cristina reviewed the Doodle Devo: Loved. She writes a wonderful blog with lots of good homeschool content and great insights about parenting and loving the Lord. Check out her blog here. A Homeschool Mom Blog

There’s a coupon code for $5 off the Doodle Devo until May 31st and a drawing for a free Doodle Devo. Check out her blog for details.

Loved: A Doodle Devotional is available at


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