Introducing the Doodle Devo

Doodle Devo
Doodle Devo

Introducing the Doodle Devotional: God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good.

I have never been one to write in a journal to enhance my quiet time. I have tried many times, but have never been successful. I envy people who can write for hours during their quiet time. But then I discovered that if I was doodling and reflecting, it was an awesome time spent with the Lord. I stayed focused and memorized more verses. So every Friday there will be a DoodleDevo page for you to doodle and color and spend time CONNECTING with your Heavenly Father which HE longs for us all to do more frequently.

This page was inspired by a visit to New City Fellowship in University City, Missouri: New City it a wonderful church full of very friendly people and the pastor started off with “God is Good all the time” everyone responded “and all the time God is good.” So that visit inspired me to doodle “God is good all the time and all the time God is good.” So print out the pdf here:God is good      and spend some time with the Lord with a DoodleDevo. Send me your doodled page and I’ll post it to the Doodle Devo Flickr page:.


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  1. I am a bit behind on my strolling down blogger lane! love the doodle devo!

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