The Colors of Love

#the100dayproject2021 – collective project

Here’s a crazy project we can all do together. #the100dayproject starts January 31, 2021. I thought it would be crazy for us to all do the same project but 100 of us each takes a day to doodle the project. Call me crazy, but this is going to be great fun and we’re going to have a wonderful collection when the #100dayproject is completed.


how to participate in the #100dayproject – Collective Challenge
The Colors of Love

The Colors of Love Collective Project

The project entails 100 people from the Sketchnote Boss Tribe doodling a verse on a Pantone* Color Postcard. Then each day during #the100dayproject one of the cards will be posted on Instagram (using the hashtag #the100dayproject2021) and in the Sketchnote Boss Facebook Group (by the project coordinator). If you are not familiar with #100dayproject, it’s a challenge where one decides to do something for 100 days. You can read more about it here.

*Pantone is a color matching system used in the fashion industry, product design, and commercial printing.

How it works

  1. Request to participate in the project in my Etsy Shop (, $3.50 entry fee)
  2. A postcard will be mailed to you with a returned postage-paid envelope
  3. Choose a verse and doodle it on the card (more details below)
  4. Return the card to Marsha by 1/29/21  using the postage-paid envelope provided – return the card even if you’re not finished or haven’t started
  5. Cards will be posted by Jenn, the Project Coordinator, starting on 1/31/21 on Instagram and in our Facebook group.
  6. We are asking for a small donation of $3.50 to cover the postage and administrative costs of this project.

How you can participate

The Colors of Love

What is included in my Etsy Purchase?

We are asking for $3.50 for each card. This will help us cover postage and administrative expenses. When you purchase a card from the Etsy Shop you will receive a Pantone Postcard, with no additional charge for postage. In the envelope with the card there will be a return envelope with postage, a participation sticker and instructions on how and when to complete the project. All participants will get a complementary copy of The Colors of Love ebook with all 100 entries (targeting to have this completed by June 30th).

Doodling Guidelines


Finding The Verse  -Try choosing a verse that relates to the color, or maybe the numbering system  For example maybe you received Whisper Pink Pantone # 13-1107. Here are some ideas:

  • Relate it to the color pink – maybe you have a new baby grand daughter could choose Psalm 127:1 “ Children are a gift from the Lord,” and draw something baby related – a rattle, safety pin, pacifier…
  • Relate it to whispering – Psalm 107:29  “He stilled the storm with a whisper”  (note: not all cards have a color name)
  • OR you could do something with the numbers 13-1107. You could do 13:11 – Proverbs 13:11 or 2 Cor 13:11 or 1 Cor 13:11. Or you could do the last 4 numbers – Psalm 11:07  or you could use the middle numbers Proverbs 31:10
  • But if the Lord gives you a verse, do that one.

Hint – to find verses google verse,  reference number, i.e,  verse + 13:11 and you will get a lot of suggestions for verses. 

Doodling the Verse

  • After you find the verse, practice doodling the verse in your sketchbook a few times before doodling on the card
  • If you need to, outline your doodle in pencil LIGHTLY  the card will not erase well
  • Ideally, each card should have at least one icon drawn on the card.  The verse should be written around your icon, but if the verse is long you can note the reference at the bottom of the card.
  • If your verse does not lend itself to an icon, you can hand letter your verse
  • Feel free to embellish with doodle patterns and borders
  • Use the PORTRAIT orientation to doodle the postcard (up and down, vertical)


  • Use a sharpie, or paint pen. You could also use acrylic paint – whatever you use – practice first on another sheet of paper as there are no replacement cards available
  • Wisdom would suggest you leave 1/4 to 1/2 in margin in case you need to recover (see FAQ’s below)
  • If you have a dark color you will need to use a light colored pen like a white paint pen or a Signo white pen or light acrylic paint
  • If you are gluing something on the postcard you’ve drawn then use RUBBER CEMENT not white glue
  • Please refrain from using stickers or ephemera – the purpose of our group is to strengthen our visual skills so no cheating with pre-printed stuff

What to put on the back of the postcard

  • Sign the back with your name, also print your name.  
  • On the back write why you chose that verse in 100ish words or less.

What to send in an email

Send an email to blessinks[at]live-dot-com

  • Letting us know the date you put the card back in the mail(no later than Jan 29th)
  • Bio – who you are, where you live, what you do, where you are with your walk with the Lord right now.  (Just looking for 2 sentences)
  • Why you chose this verse or what this verse means to you – do a small write up no more than 100iush words. (this is the same thing you put on the back of the actual card)


  1. What if I mess up? You can recover by drawing your verse on another sheet and gluing it on top. Hopefully, you have a good amount of color available so we can see the color.  You can always doodle over the markings. Use Rubber cement for gluing. 
  2. Can I paste things I’ve drawn on the card? Yes – be sure to leave a border so we can see the card. If you past something heavy you may need to add more postage to return it.
  3. What if my verse is really long?  You can just draw a large icon or picture and note the verse reference in the white space at the bottom. 
  4. What if I don’t finish by the deadline? Return your card anyway so we have the whole collection. If we don’t get your postcard back we will hunt you down and I am not above calling you out in public. It’s really important that we get all cards returned posted by 1/31
  5. When will my card be posted? Cards will be posted in the order received. 
  6. What if I am International? – send me an email and we’ll talk.  Tell me where you live.
  7. Will I get my card back? At this point no, because I am exploring the possibility of displaying these at churches. But your participation will get you an ebook of all 100 cards. This is included in your participation donation.


Jan 15-18 – Request a Card(s) in the

Jan 18-29  Doodle your verse

Jan 29 Return the card (even if it’s not finished, you don’t like, or you have not started)

Jan 31 – #the100daychallenge begins


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