Read-Pray-Sketch 10 Day Challenge – Days 1-10

The 10 Day Challenge to learn how to Read-Pray-Sketch starts on October 19, 2020. We will learn a quick method on how to spend 15-20 minutes a day in the Word.

We will read a verse, journal a bit. List our prayers, gratitudes and draw something everyday. We will get our brains going in a creative direction and will be ready for deeper thinking for the day.

Come back to this post every day and I will update it daily with our Facebook Live Post every day. In the video I will talk about how to doodle the verse and give you some ideas to create some variety and more interest in your daily journaling. If you are rushed you can always do the basics and then doodle in more when you have more time later.

Getting Started

To get started in our 10 Day Challenge you will need:

This year I will be sharing my personal method that I use to be in the Word daily. Often times we don’t have time to do a whole spread in our bible, so I have devised a method that in 15-20 minutes I can read a chapter, journal a bit, list my prayers, write three gratitudes, AND draw something to get my creative part of my brain going. I call this method Read-Pray-Sketch.

Look for a whole 365 daily journal with pre-selected verses coming out December 1st at my Etsy Shop.


Beginning on October 19th join me for a 10-day challenge to give the Read-Pray-Sketch method a try. There will be a printable available soon on the member’s only page and I am going to do a Facebook Live daily at 10:00 am central time (in the Sermon Sketchnote Boss Facebook Group) to show you my page and how to draw some image for the verse every day, The challenge is free, you just need to sign up for the newsletter to get access to the Member’s Only Page. The welcome email will have the link to the Member’s only page.


  1. Printable – join the newsletter to get access to the member’s only page. Printing double-sided, you will need 8 sheets of paper.
  2. Black pen, pencil, eraser. Preferably bold and thin black pens.
  3. Colors optional – colored pencils or watercolor paints and a brush

Etsy Sale

  • From Oct 13-31st get 15% off everything in my Etsy Shop

Day 1

I love FB lives, it’s a great opportunity to answer questions and find out what you all are thinking about. We had a question on how this would work in a travel journal so I demonstrate that on Day 2. In this video I show you how to draw the wind – it’s really simple!

100 day project

Day 2

Read-Pray-Sketch Day 2

Today we learned how to draw scribbly grass and a droopy flower. I also demonstrated the Read-Pray-Sketch method in a travel journal. I carry a travel journal for notes and quick doodles. I like being able to capture thoughts, ideas and doodles any time. I have this great little side pocket in my purse so I always have it with me.

Homework for day three – search on perfume bottle and find one you like. We’re going to draw it tomorrow.

Day 3

Read pray Sketch

Day 4

Day 5

Read-Pray- Sketch Day 5

Today we learned how to make fun clouds and learned a little bit about shading.

Day 6

Read-Pray-Sketch Day 6
Earth Day Icons

Today we learned to draw the earth. Here’s a page from my 100 day project which gives you more options when you need to draw the earth.

Day 7

100 hearts
100 hearts

Today we are doodling hearts. Here’s a page from #The 100DayProject to give you some inspiration on doodling your whole heart (Ps 138:1)

Day 8

Today we drew golden apples in settings of silver. I used my Pilot gold and silver markers to help finish my pages.

Day 9

Read Pray Sketch Day 9

Day 10

Read-Pray-Sketch #10

Today wraps up our Read-Pray Sketch 10 day Challenge. Look for the Daily book coming out December 1st.

Join us next week for our next FB Live in the Sermon Sketchnote FaceBook Group on Wednesday November 4th at 10:00 am center time where we are going to start our mini gratitude journal.

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8 responses to “Read-Pray-Sketch 10 Day Challenge – Days 1-10”

  1. Rose Lybrink Avatar
    Rose Lybrink

    How do I get the 10 day challenge print out? I have signed up for the emails but I can’t find or have not received the 10 day challenge print out. I just love how you do your daily journals!

    Thank you so much,

    Rose Lybrink

    1. Rose so glad you are with us. In the welcome email there’s a link to the member’s only page. The first item right now is the Read Pray Sketch handout. DM me if you still need help.

      1. Rose Lybrink Avatar
        Rose Lybrink

        Thank you I found it. 🙂 How do you get the 15% off on your Etsy shop?

  2. Marsha, will you be selling your 100 day project sketches as a book? I am a Bible Study doodle novice and would love to use your sketches to learn and practice with.

    1. Cathy

      Its on the list. I am working on a project that is more bible focused on icons. Too many ideas, too little time!

  3. I hope you add more to your Read, Pray, Sketch challenge and make it into a book.

    1. I’m working on it – stay tuned!

      1. Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to it.

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