The guide to visual prayer

The Guide to Visual Prayer Part 4 – A prayer walk

Today we are going to take a little different approach to prayer and document our prayer walk.  Take a walk today on your street and pray for each house or building on the street. If you know the family you can pray for the needs that are on your heart or if you don’t know them to pray that the household knows the Lord and that the Gracious hand of the Lord be upon that house (Nehemiah 2:14). If the house is vacant, pray that the Lord dwells there and the new residents are blessed.

Prayer Walking

I of course live in suburbia on a lovely street with 13 houses in middle-America. If this isn’t your life then pray  for where you are. Maybe you live in a condo or apartment. Pray for everyone on your floor or in your building. If you close to businesses pray for them as well.  If you live near a park, pray for every who goes to the park this week that they feel the Lord’s hand upon them.  Leave a comment below about your prayer walk.

If you live in a remote place, you can use the Google Map to select a street. Zoom in and select the street view and pray for each house or business on the street.

Document your prayer walk, by drawing the buildings on your prayer walk. Note what you prayed for each place on your walk.  Don’t feel you have to be accurate in drawing each house. You can draw other images that make sense. I drew a dog because the neighbor across the street had their dog run away during a night of fireworks.  They have not been able to find their pup, so I prayed for the return of their dog.  Drawing a house is really simple Draw a box and put a triangle on top. You can draw doors and windows and a few shrubs around if you like.

I drew my prayer walk in my life journal but you can you an index card and keep it on your book ring. I decided to use my simple sketchnote technique of drawing really simple “stick-figure” houses. I didn’t try very hard to get my picture to look like the house. When there were specific needs I drew extra things like the lost dog and the for sale sign. I colored this in watercolor but because it’s my sketchbook and it was not heavy paper, I did not get my paper very wet. I used my watercolors like crayons.

Go on a prayer walk and pray for every house on the street.

Prayer over Places

The guide to visual prayer
pray for every room in your house

When I planned this series, I was not going to cover this type of prayer card, but sometimes life happens and I changed my mind.  Praying over your house or garden will reap much. God will accomplish what concerns us (Ps 138:8). 

Draw out the floorplan of your house and then pray over each room. Walkthrough each room and pray for each room. Go in the room and pray for your kids that they prosper and grow in the Lord. Pray for time and discernment over your junk/craft room. Pray that you can use your house for hospitality (1 peter 4:9). 

What changed my mind about this post was that my son’s house was broken into. Someone kicked in the backdoor.  He was home too. He’s ok, he scared them off. But don’t you know this momma prayed a hedge of protection around that house. I walked through every room and prayed for protection for that house. I also prayed that he uses it to bless others and that he has a spirit of hospitality.

You can draw out other things to pray for. Pray for your garden. Draw out the flowers and veggies you planted and pray for an abundant crop – enough that you can bless your neighbors and family with a bumper crop.

Be in prayer over your work – draw your floor. Say a pray for every desk and every person. Pray for good and efficient work and that your employer prospers.

Post your drawings on the Facebook Group – Sermon Sketchnote Boss

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  1. I love the neighborhood prayer walk idea, as well as the house floor plan prayer idea! Thanks, Marsha, for inspiration galore. May your day be blessed abundantly!

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