Sketchnote Summer Camp

Sketchnote Summer Camp Wrap up

In this post we will learn how to bind our Sketchnote Summer Camp Activity Book and I did a flip through of my summer camp activity book. There are videos for each activity.

Sketchnote Summer Camp

Flip through

I did a quick flip through of my Sketchntoe Summer Camp Activity Book. It’s not too late do your own Sketchnote Summer Camp. You can get the Sketchnote Summer Camp Activity Book by signing up for the newsletter at There are video for each challenge. You can click here to take you back to the beginning. 


There are a lot of ways to bind your activity book. Here’s a list of a few ways: 

  1. use a  heavy-duty stapler (the office supply store might let you use theirs). 
  2. use book rings
  3. hole punch using the guides on the cover and lace the holes with ribbon. 
    1. This method is demonstrated in the video.  
    2. For this method, you will need 30″ of thin ribbon and a darning or ribbon needle. 

What’s Next?

 I know I have been saying we’re going back to school, but first, we’re going to explore some visual prayers. Tune in next week and we’ll start doing some visual prayer cards and prayer journal pages. 


2 responses to “Sketchnote Summer Camp Wrap up”

  1. Lori Bowser Avatar
    Lori Bowser

    Thank you, Marsha for the link that you had to go back to the beginning of Summer Camp! I started in June, then got carried away with gardening for my 1st time, exterminating wasps by hiring a etimontologist (^sp), my 1st time with hummingbird feeders, my 40th birthday, 4th of July, fireworks, fishing, cookouts, etc. Also, my camera on my cellphone is scraped so bad that I am unable to take pictures of anything correctly. Soooooo, thanks for the “summer rewind”!

    1. I hope you have fun documenting your summer. I really enjoyed this project!

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