Names of God Sketchnote Challenge – Yahweh Rophe

This post studies Yahweh Rophe, the God who heals. We will learn about the name and do a journal challenge and a sketchnote challenge.

Earlier this month when I was deciding what name to study, Yahweh Rophe, it seemed like the only name to study in light of this ugly virus we’re dealing with right now. Yahweh Ropheka or Rophe, or Rapha all mean the God who heals. As I understand it adding Yahweh in front of Rophe means the Lord who provides, thus Yahweh Ropheka means the Lord your healer.  This name is found twice in the bible in Exodus 15:25-26 and in Psalm 147:3

Exodus 15:25-26

He said, “If you will listen carefully to Yahweh your Elohim and do what he considers right, if you pay attention to His commands and obey all his laws, I will never make you suffer any of the diseases I made the Egyptians suffer because I am Yahweh Ropheka.”

Psalm 147:3

He is the Rophe of the brokenhearted. He is the one who bandages their wounds.

The Context of The Healer is meant to mean more than just physical healing. He means to mend our minds and souls. But He also heals or repairs water, lands, and nations. God is the healer of our relationships, He can heal our broken heart and He heals our finances.  God wants us to trust Him so he can heal and repair the broken things in your life.  However, God wants to work in conjunction with you. You have to agree and do your part to start the healing.  God will tell you what to do to be in the center of His will. A Marilyn Hickey points out, reading your Bible is the best medicine.   Jesus spent a lot of time in His short ministry healing people.  God wants to heal your hurts, but you have to walk with Him as he commanded in Exodus 15:25.  

Challenge 1

Sketchnote Journal Page Yahweh Rophe

This week I have two challenges for you. First Illustrate His Name in your journal.  The video above had instructions on how I did my page. In the video, I will explain what I was thinking. You can decide if it worked. 


Heavy Paper or Sketchbook. I am using the Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook

Pencil, Black Pen (sharpie pen), eraser

rubber cement

index card

markers or water colors, or watercolor crayons

The Method:

  1.  First put down an index card where I am going to write Yahweh Rophe, (I wrote El Rophe, but this is an error on my part). LIGHTLY add a little rubber cement to the index card, glue it down in place. This is to hold it in place while you draw your lines.  We will remove the card later. 
  2. In pencil layout things that are broken in your life that you would like to have healed.  Notice I put the COVID-19 virus around a corner of The Name. 
  3.  Then in pencil begin drawing curvy lines across the paper. Let the lines intersect. 
  4. Near the top and bottom create some large spirals.  Add circles and patters inside the spirals. 
  5. When you are happy with the direction, begin going over your lines with your permanent black pen. Be mindful of intersecting lines. 
  6. Once you get the basic lines in then add patterns to SOME Of the lines.  This is going to be a busy piece so adding patterns to all the lines might be a bit too much. 
  7. Remove the index card and rub away the rubber cement. 
  8. Add the Name  Yahweh Rophe, The God who heals in the box. 
  9. Erase all the pencil lines before you add color.  You may need to go back and fix some things with the pencil marks gone. 
  10. Begin carefully adding color, and keep coloring and doodling until you think it’s done. Be sure to meditate on this name while you are doodling. 
  11. Post your finished piece in the Sketchnote Boss Facebook group. 
  12. Journal a bit about healings you know of to remember how faithful God is or set out a list of people you want to pray for.  Here’s my spread. 
Sketchnote Journal Page Yahweh Rophe

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