Count Your Blessings – Day 9


Day 9 – Have you ever been in the belly of the whale? Did you feel alone? We spent 9 months in the belly of the whale. Our oldest son got a rare abscess in his kidney when he was 7. It took the doctors a few weeks to figure out that it was an abscess and not a tumor. We were in and out of the hospital over the next 9 months taking some big doses of some powerful antibiotics. Every time we’d take him off the big gun drugs it would come right back. Finally the doctors said if it comes back again the part of the kidney is coming out. All through this ordeal we felt the gracious hand of the Lord at every turn. It was a tough ordeal but we never felt alone. We had just recently started attending a new church and they surrounded us and loved us. They babysat, brought us meals, pick up the car from the shop…. Looking back it was clear that God directed our path to this safe harbor to for the coming storm. When Dan went off the antibiotics the last time, the abscess was gone. Today he’s a very healthy young man who’s crazy about Cross fit. The Lord answers prayer.

What blessings did you have during your time in the belly of the whale?

I used Copic markers for the background colors. I tried to do a little sketchnoting with a few little images in my story.

You can get the printable here:   cyb9

You can go to get the previous printables here.

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