Happy 2016! #365Gratitudes Starts Today!

2016 365gratitudes

How to start a Gratitude Journey:

  1. Grab a sketchbook and a pen
  2. Follow me on twitter @blessinks or join my Facebook group:

 #365Gratitudes  for a gratitude prompt a day

  1. Write two more gratitude’s in your journal for a total of three a day.
  2. Tell your friends and have them start the gratitude journey with you.
  3. Post in the #365Gratitudes about the blessings in your life!

Week 1 Prompts

January 1, 2016   Prompt #1    Write about three things you’d like to accomplish this year and thank the Lord for these great ideas and ask His blessings on these goals as you set out to accomplish them. Ps 138:8 – The Lord will accomplish what concerns us. His love is everlasting.

January 2, 2016   Prompt #2  Ps 103:5 He fills my life with good things. Make a list of 10 things you’re especially thankful for.

January 3, 2016   Prompt #3 – Its national Fruitcake Toss Day – so pick a room and find something to give away to bless someone one else. Write about your gratitude of all things you own.

January 4, 2016   Prompt #4 –  Write about a book, or story to makes you appreciate your own circumstances. I just read a book about a family who lived in Occupied France in 1940; what a scary time that was.

January 5, 2016   Prompt #5  Col. 3:23 says work as though you’re working for the Lord. Be thankful for what ever occupation you may have – a job or staying at home.

January 6, 2016   Prompt #6 –   Why does the Lord have you planted where you are? What can you be thankful about for where you live?

January 71, 2016   Prompt #7 –  What is one simple little thing that delights you? I love lemon in my tea. Be thankful for this simple delight. Draw it in your journal.

You can find the list of gratitude prompts on the #365 Gratitude page in the menu above.


Here’s the first page from my gratitude journal.

Ps 103 5


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