Bulletin Cover – The 12 Apostles

Mark 3 13 19

The sermon this week was on Mark 3:13-19 on Jesus choosing the 12 apostles. Our Pastor gave a great sermon (as usual!!) He discussed the choosing of the apostles, and then he asked if we would be followers of Jesus if we had lived back in Jesus’ time. I really struggled with this cover, trying several different approaches that just were not working. Then with an hour before dead line I began to focus on the names of the 12. I was struck by James and John, who Jesus renamed “Sons of Thunder”. I thought that from a brotherly perspective this had to be an awesome thing to be chosen together. So that got me started on thinking about t-shirts and tunics. I looked up everyone’s name and did a VERY quick illustration. I think that after a little more work and refinement, this might make a great Sunday School poster.

Here’s the link to the sermon:  https://audio.discoverlifespring.com/sermons/20140126.mp3


3 responses to “Bulletin Cover – The 12 Apostles”

  1. Bruce Baker Avatar
    Bruce Baker

    I really like this.  Great way to teach kids too. Pray you all are well.


  2. rita (temp) washington Avatar
    rita (temp) washington

    awesome Marsha I like that Love You

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Love you too!

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