Sunday School Poster: Acts 17:28

My child, you belong to me.
My child, you belong to me.

My child, you belong to me is one of a series in the HE made me posters that was designed to help teens understand who they are in Christ. We are children of God and we have a Creator. I know that God does not need a dog tag to identify His children, but the dog tag is such an iconic symbol,and it it’s a great visual to remind us we are all Children of God. You can see the entire series at Lake Williamson Christian Center, in Carlinville, Illinois. It’s truly a wonderful place!


2 responses to “Sunday School Poster: Acts 17:28”

  1. I just love to come to your blog and see all the art you have done for God.

    1. Thank you! What a lovely compliment. You made my day!

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