#365 Gratitudes



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Having a thankful heart today. #365Gratitudes #blessinks #grateful
Having a thankful heart today.




92 -Think about a time when you helped carry another’s burden. Did you get a blessing from that?

93 – Thing back to an exciting time in your life. What was going on? What was the blessing in that time?

94 – When were you brave in a difficult situation? Journal about it and can you be thankful for weathering that storm?

95 – Have you ever messed up and then didn’t get what you deserved? Did you someone show you grace? Journal about the gratitude of being shown grace.

96 – what do you have hope for in the future? what change do you want to see? Pray about it and be thankful for hope.

97 Was there a time when you planted a seed in some that that grew to make a positive change in that person. Be thankful for the insight you were given to help someone.

98 – Be thankful for a new perspective. Have you been exposed to a change in the way you do thing? Was it positive?

99 – Have you recently been given an opportunity? Journal and be thankful

100 – Be thankful for something green

101 – Its National Siblings Day. Reach out to your siblings and tell them how they bless you. If you don’t have siblings reach out to someone who is like a sibling.

102  – They says smells create the strongest memories. Memories of great meals. what’s the aroma that you remember most? Ephesians 5:2 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.

103 – What brings joy in your life today?

104- Be thankful for rain and journal about how it refreshes.

105 – When was the last time that something or someone made you laugh. Be thankful for that laughter. Try to make someone else laugh today.

106 – Today is National Stress Awareness Day – what’s giving you the most stress and be thankful that you’re Heavenly Father is walking through this with you.

107 – Have you recently had something happen that was unexpected? A visit, a phone call, a letter? What was the blessing in the unexpected?

108 – Who’s the most difficult person in your life? How are they making you a better or stronger person? Be thankful for the challenge.

109 – Think of a word that starts with the same letter as your name. What is it about that world that you like?

110 – Be thankful today for our Blessed Assurance that the Lord loves you and walks with you in every step you take.

111 – Have you been on a tour? What did you learn? What blessing did you get from that?

112 – Did you have a recent victory? Journal about the blessing.

113 – Journal about a time when someone criticized you. Did you take that to make your stronger?

114 -Be thankful your spouse today. Or just reach out to someone who has blessed you.

115-Was there a time when you were pampered. Journal about the blessing.

116-Was there a time when you were treated unjustly? Was there a blessing in that situation?

117-The internet can be bad and a time waster, but does it give you a blessing?

118 – What’s a book that brought you a blessing?

119 -Ps 105:1 – Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! Think about a blessing and share it with 5 people today.

120 – Journal about a time where you were strong

121  Journal about a tiny bright spot in a dark time in your life.




#61 Be thankful for kind words that were spoken to you.

#62 Be thankful for some unscheduled time. Did sometime open up in your schedule. Spend a little time with Him today.

#63 Be thankful for a person who had wisdom and provided you guidance.

#64 It’s Say a Prayer Day. Say a prayer of thanks for someone in your life. Phil 1:4 – I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers.

#65 Psalm 107:1 Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever! Is something bothering you that is temporary? Be thankful that this too shall soon                                      pass, and that He’s walking with you.

#66 Did someone sacrifice for you? Write about it and thank them again.

#67 Is there something you got to do over? Be thankful for a second opportunity.

#68 Write about a peaceful time and be thankful.

#69 Be thankful for the joy of a child.

#70 Be thankful for the money that you have.

#71 What are you really good at? Be thankful and how do you help others with your expertise?

#72 Be thankful clean water.

#73 Be thankful for a creative solution you came up with.

#74 Today is national pi day. Be thankful for math and all the good things it does in our lives. Then go have a pizza pi for dinner

#75 Think about a tough time you had and think of one good thing that came out of that time.

#76 Who’s your hero? Can you tell them why they’re your hero?

#77 Be thankful for a season in your life when things were normal and routine.

#78 Look up the meaning of your name at www.behindthename.com  Be thankful for something about your name.

#79 Its National quilting day. Be thankful for a time when you were warmed by quilts and blankets.

#80 Be thankful for a time of harmony

#81 Happy Spring! What makes you thankful  about Spring?

#82 Today is National Goof Off Day. If you can’t take the day off, do something different to unwind and have a little fun today.

#83 Do an act of service for someone else today or very soon.

#84 Be thankful about a hurt you have been able to let go.

#85 It’s Good Friday. Be thankful for the Cross and that He was thinking about YOU while He was on the cross. Thank Him.

#87 Write about a memorable Easter Sunday, did you have a special meal?

#88 Write about a time when someone made you laugh when you didn’t want to laugh.

#89 Write about a long day where you got a lot done. Did it bless someone else?

#90 Be thankful for a burden you shared with someone who helped you through that trial.

#91 Write about a blessing you got in reading a book. Was it your favorite book?

gratitude rooted in humility


#32 – Be thankful for healing.

#33  Be thankful for a little extra time to catch up; a time when you didn’t have to rush.

#34 Be thankful for a time when you showed perseverance.

#35  Find a way to save a little extra money and be thankful for the opportunity. Don’t earmark those funds – just save them for now.

#36 Be thankful that we are saved by grace – not works or chance, just grace. Look up Ephesians 2:8.

#37 Find something to be thankful in a recent mistake.

#38 Send a card to a friend today.

#39 Find a blessing in something that’s frustrating you just now.

#40 Find something to be thankful for that’s grey.

#41 Be thankful something in your life where you have a clear direction and a good path forward. If not, then pray for one.

#42 Be bold and make a new friend today. As someone to new lunch our out for a walk.

#43 Be thankful for a time when you had patience.

#44 Be thankful snow.

#45 Be thankful for someone you love.

#46 Be thankful for our system of government and the strong leaders that shaped our country.

#47 Be thankful for something about your age.

#48 Be thankful for all that God as entrusted to you as we are all just stewards of what we possess. It’s all His. Does that change how we manage the things that have been entrusted to us?

#49 What are you looking forward to? Be thankful for the opportunity.

#50 Be thankful for your heritage. Where did you come from? How far back can you trace your roots?

#51 Find a little joy in your life today and be thankful.

#52 Find a little blessings in the last time your remember being inconvenienced. Did you bless someone else by putting them first?

#53 Be thankful for an invitation either in the past or the future.

#54 Focus on someone else’s needs and be thankful you can assist.

#55 Can you be thankful for a slow time at work on at home?

#56 Be thankful for a time when you were accepted into something.

#57 What is your favorite song? Why is it your favorite, be grateful for this song.

#58 What’s something small you own? Why are you thankful for it?

#59 Have you ever been in a life storm? Did you feel His presence? Be thankful.

#60 Be thankful for a promise you kept to someone else. God always keeps his promises. Lamentations 3:22-23


Ps 103 5


#1    Write about three things you’d like to accomplish this year and thank the Lord for these great ideas and ask His blessings on these goals as you set out to accomplish them. Ps 138:8 – The Lord will accomplish what concerns us. His love is everlasting.

#2  Ps 103:5 He fills my life with good things. Make a list of 10 things you’re especially thankful for.

 #3 – Its national Fruitcake Toss Day – so pick a room and find something to give away to bless someone one else. Write about your gratitude of all things you own.

 #4 –  Write about a book, or story to makes you appreciate your own circumstances. I just read a book about a family who lived in Occupied France in 1940; what a scary time that was.

 #5 –  Col. 3:23 says work as though you’re working for the Lord. Be thankful for what ever occupation you may have – a job or staying at home.

#6 –   Why does the Lord have you planted where you are? What can you be thankful about for where you live?

 #7 –  What is one simple little thing that delights you? I love lemon in my tea. Be thankful for this simple delight. Draw it in your journal.

#8- Think about a problem you have. What’s one thing you can be thankful for relating to that problem? The back window fell out of my car. Although frustrating and inconvenienced, I was thankful that I wasn’t driving, I was at Menards and I was safe.

#9  – What’s your favorite color? What’s something of that color that you’re thankful for? I am thankful for my purple key board and cover for my surface. Blessed to have a tablet and then do deck it out in purple.

#10 Write about a time when God brought you through a trial. My son was very sick when he was 7. It was a scary time. It took a year for the infection in his kidney to go away. He’s now a very healthy grown man.

#11  Write about the kindness of a stranger. Two men stopped to help me change a tire late at night and downtown – unfamiliar territory.

#12 Be thankful for something you have in abundance. Books, food, shelter.

#13 Write about a bible verse that touches your heart. If you don’t have a verse in mind, look up Jer. 29:11.

#14 Be thankful for your meals today. Always!

#15 Write about a sweet time with friends you’ve had recently. Love visiting with the Bakers over Christmas. Love seeing nieces and nephews become parents and the wonderful job they’re doing.

#16  Write about  a little thing you take for granted in your gratitude journal today.

#17 Be thankful about some technology that makes your life easier. Phone, fitbit…..

#18 Be thankful for a warm place to stay. Praying for the homeless today. #

#19 Take some time to be quiet today and thank Him for meeting you there.

#20 That He is able to help you with  something on your mind today. (Eph 2:30)

#21 Count the number of shoes in your closet and be thankful for all of them. Can you bless someone else with a few pairs? The average person had 24 pairs. Do we need 24 pairs of shoes?

#22 Find something to be thankful for with the weather today.

#23 Be thankful for a recent change in your life. I’m finished with school!

#24 Be thankful about a person in your life and specifically how they blessed you.

#25 How you were blessed when you helped someone else.

#26 Call someone who has blessed you and tell them how they have positively impacted your life.

#27 Write about whatever is on your mind today and find something a bout it to be thankful for.

#28 Write about a prayer answered. #

#29 Be thankful for food in your pantry, and pray for those who don’t have a full pantry.

#30 Be thankful for something new.

#31 Be thankful for this season of the year.